Monday, September 10, 2018

Factors Affecting the pH of Buffer Solution

There is the use of buffer solution is essential in pharmaceutical process and analysis study. The buffer solution has base and acid. It can be a strong acid with a weak base, or a weak base with a strong acid used to keep the right pH balance.
Here are mentions some Factors influencing the pH of Buffer Solutions are as follows. 
  1. The temperature change varies the pH of a buffer solution, every buffer can influence differently. For example the pH of sodium borate- boric acid buffer solution reduces with temperature, while the pH of acetate buffer rises with temperature. 
  2. By adding neutral salts to the buffer solution, the pH of the solution can be changed due to the change in ionic strength. 
  3. Dilution of the buffer solution also modifies the pH value since as changed in ionic strength. 
  4. The activity of hydronium ion, and the activity of ionized species that changes the pH of the buffer solution. 
  5. In addition, the amount of the change compared to the basic buffer is relatively small for the acidic buffer.

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